ILE (Interculturalidad y Lengua Española) is an online and in-person Spanish language school born from the desire to create a large family during the process of learning Spanish. Its three founders, Ana, Ángel and Elisa, dedicate this wonderful project to all the colleagues, students and friends from whom we have learnt so much.

The OBJECTIVE of our project is to provide a unique, exclusive and quality teaching. Our priority is personal enrichment in both teacher and student. To this end, we use the teaching of Spanish as a tool to develop personal, linguistic and cultural dimensions.

Our METHODOLOGY is totally based on interculturality. We understand interculturality as the process of communication, interaction and exchange of thoughts between different cultural identities. In ILE, we believe that the best way to learn a language is through socio-cultural experiences.

Our PEDAGOGICAL MODEL is “flipped classroom” and we use error correcting as a didactic instrument. The teacher has the role of class guide and the student is the main actor. Our materials are simple and have the purpose of encouraging oral production.



"We do not see a client in you, we see a responsability"


Nearly 10 years of experience.

Vocational and emphatic teachers.

Guaranteed learning 100%

Study Spanish at your own pace.

Flexibility and personal attention.

We investigate new technologies.

We turn the mistake into a system of learning.

Language immersion.

We learn from you.



"Trained at Instituto Cervantes"


Tutors and examiners DELE.

Speakers at conferences and universities.

Master at educational needs.

Trained in inclusive education.

Experts at managing interculturality.

Teachers of Spanish online.

Creators of materials of Spanish as a foreign language.

Group management.

We work with all ages.

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