ILE Community is a new, unique and innovative educational platform that provides all of our students access to a lot of tools to help them learn Spanish.

The goal of this platform or social network is to create personal connections for students to help them learn Spanish in different contexts.

In ILE Community, students and teachers interact and talk about current Spanish events and topics, and compare these topics with what is happening in the student’s home countries in order to enrich the discussion. Of course, the conversation is always in Spanish.


LEARN: This interaction will be supervised by ILE teachers so that mistakes can be detected, corrected and explained to students. In the same way, if you have questions or concerns, you can contact a teacher privately to ask them anything directly.

ACCESS TO MATERIAL: All of our ILE materials are based on the Common European Framework for Reference of Languages and follow the curriculum guidelines of the Cervantes Institute. Our library has vocabulary, verb tenses and any other piece of information you need to study at home.

BROADEN YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: This platform is also a magnificent social network where you can get to know other students and teachers and interact on any topic. Of course, the conversation will always be in Spanish!

Being one of our ILE Community students allows you access to online events, games, and many more surprises!