10 Reasons to study Spanish in Valencia

1. The good weather. It is obvious that one of the attractions of Valencia is its climate. In Valencia we have an average temperature of 17ºC and it hardly rains. Except for some autumn and spring days, you can always enjoy the sun.

2. Green areas and sports. Valencia has plenty of parks and gardens ideal for enjoying the good weather and exercising. Here you can find the most important: The best parks and gardens in Valencia. The best parks and gardens in Valencia.


Parque de Cabecera, Valencia


3. The best party in the world. In March Valencia is transformed to celebrate one of the most famous festivals in the world: Las Fallas. Mascletàs, festivals, events... during this month you will not be able to get bored for a single day.

4. Culture within everyone's reach. In Valencia there are a lot of museums and buildings to visit for free of charge, so money is no excuse to get to know this city better. In this article you have some: 10 sites in Valencia that can be visited for free.

5. Unique neighborhoods. Don't think the whole city is the same. There are different neighbourhoods, each one with a different identity and with some special attractions. A good example of this is El Cabañal, Ruzafa or El Carmen.

El Centro de Valencia


6. Party everywhere. If you're a party person, you're in luck: Valencia is teeming with discos and nightlife. There are for all tastes and are spread over different areas of the city. Two of the most popular neighborhoods are El Cedro and Aragón. 

7. Transport and connection. The public transport network is quite extensive and there are both buses, metro and tram. Although it is true that there are areas that are not so well connected, they can all be reached without having to take the car.

8. Gastronomy. At last you will be able to taste the true Valencian paella. And surely you will drink more than one glass of Valencia water. In the city there are numerous restaurants of all kinds and, generally, with quite affordable prices.

9. The beach. You will only have to take a tram and you will be on the beach, which you can enjoy throughout the year. In addition, in the port area there is quite a good atmosphere and several trendy venues.

La Malvarrosa, Valencia

10. Connection. Valencia is well connected with the rest of the world. Its airport, located in Manises, increasingly operates a greater number of flights. In addition, you can go by AVE to cities like Madrid, Cuenca and Córdoba.



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